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Is my computer 64 bit capable?

Before you can start the process to migrate to 64 bit Windows, you need to find out if your system is 64 bit capable. If you are already running a 32 bit version of Windows 8 on you system, you can find out by doing the following:

Press Windows key + X on your keyboard

Click System

Look under System > System type:

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There it will list whether the processor is x64 based processor or not. In my case I have 64 bit capable processor. Once you have confirmed this, you can move on to the next step.

For Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 users

You can determine if your processor is 64 bit capable by using a free tool called CPU-Z. You can download it here. Once you have it installed, double click it and it will scan your system. Click the CPU tab and look in the Instructions field, look for the instruction set called AMD64 or EM64T. If you see them, then your processor is 64 bit capable.

If you are running a 32 bit version of Windows, whether Windows 8 or Windows 7, you need to consider carefully the steps to migrate from it to 64 bit Windows 8. Regardless of the ubiquity of 64 bit computing, key factors such as hardware and application compatibility remain a issue, especially for legacy systems.

Does your system meet all the requirements? Having just a 64 bit capable processor is not the main go ahead for 64 bit Windows. What about other hardware such as your video card, audio device, printer and any other critical device or application you are using? Also, if you have less than 4 GBs of RAM, I strongly suggest you stick with 32 bit Windows 8 or consider maxing out the installed RAM before you consider upgrading and when I say maxing out, I mean 4 GBs or more.

The first thing to do is to create an inventory of both your hardware and software programs. After doing that, go to the manufacturers website and check if there are any 64 bit drivers available. The manufacturer might not have native 64 bit Windows 8 drivers, but they just might have 64 bit Windows 7 and Vista drivers which should work. The reason why is Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista all share the same driver model. Application compatibility remains critical, for instance, if you are running applications designed for Windows XP or apps that are not fully 32 bit, you might want to reconsider your decision. Applications that are 32 bit but might contain 16 bit code will not work with 64 bit Windows. So, you need to carefully think this true. If it ain’t broke, don’t try fixing it might just apply in this case.

Backup, Backup, Backup

Once you have gathered all the necessary prerequisites such as driver updates and have certified all your applications are compatible, you need to backup your personal data. There is no upgrade path from 32 bit versions of Windows to Windows 8 64 bit. Yes, that means you will have to reinstall all your drivers (64 bit native drivers) and applications. Some additional configuration might be required on your part.

The best way to handle some of the migration chores is by using the built in Windows Easy Transfer utility (specifically) for Windows 7 users. If you are running Windows Vista or Windows XP, make sure you download the free Windows Easy Transfer utility, install it and create a backup of your personal files and settings. Lets take a look at doing that.

Windows 8.1 X86 X64 Serial Key Generator All Version 1

Click Next

You have a few options to choose from, the best one would be an external hard disk which is excellent for storing large amounts of information. If you don’t have an external hard disk, you can save your backup to a network share if one is available.

Select this is my old PC.

Wait while your personal files are scanned.

Check off the accounts you would like to have backed up.

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You can create a password if you want to protect your Windows Easy Transfer backup. If don’t want to, no problem skipping this step. Click Save.

Open the external hard disk and save the file there, you can give a unique file name if you wish.

Wait while your items are backed up and saved. This can take some time depending on the amount of information you have stored.

Once your files are backed up, its time to start the migration.

If you attempt to start the installation of a 64 bit version of Windows from within a 32 bit version of Windows, you will receive the following error message.

Which is understandable, since you are running a 32 bit version of Windows. To begin the installation, we will need to restart the computer and boot from the disc or USB thumbdrive which contains the installation files. So, click the close button.

Restart your computer then load your BIOS and set it to boot from your DVD drive or USB thumb drive. You might need to consult your computer manual for instructions how to do this. See the following article for additional instructions.

To learn how to change your BIOS options to boot from the DVD drive, the following tutorial:

The Windows 8 logo will appear on screen, this might be here for a while, as long as your see the indicator, everything should be ok.

You should now arrive at this screen, select your time and currency format then click Next.

Click Install Now

Wait while setup starts up

Enter your product key when prompted

Accept the End User License agreement and click Next

Click Custom install Windows only (advanced)

Select the system drive where Windows 8 is installed.

You will receive the following warning:
The partition you selected might contain files from a previous Windows Installation. If it does, these files and folders will be moved to a folder named Windows.old. You will be able to access the information in Windows.old, but you will be able to use your previous version of Windows.

(At all cost, do NOT click anything named Format or Delete or Partition. So even doing a custom install, your personal files are still preserved. Click OK
Setup will now start the installation. During the installation, your machine will be restarted several times.

When the installation is complete, you can complete the Out of Box experience such as selecting your computer, create a username, password, your time zone. You can then proceed to download the latest updates for Windows and reinstall your applications and drivers.

Windows 8 Out of Box Experience page

You can then recover your personal files from the Windows.old folder and reinstall all your applications and drivers. Or you can use Windows Easy Transfer to restore your backup.
How to retrieve your files from the Windows.old folder – Microsoft

You are now running 64 bit Windows 8.

Microsoft has finally created Windows 8.1 Enterprise operating system for those business class. You can now download this awesome enterprise edition of Windows 8.1 for your device. It’s complete bootable official untouched windows 8.1 enterprise ISO image for 32-Bit and 64-Bit computer architecture. Softolite brings the latest edition of windows 8.1 enterprise ISO download into a single click. Softolite only provides the standalone offline installer setup for Windows 8.1 Enterprise. You can get product key from the Microsoft Official Website.

Windows 8.1 Enterprise x86/x64 ISO Free Download Bootable Image Review

Windows 8 was not made for a business environment. It was mostly built for a tablet environment or a home environment. Finally, Microsoft created windows 8.1 enterprise edition. They brought a lot of new updates for this enterprise version. Windows 8 is the next generation operating system for your windows computers that give your computers a new life. It’s work on most of the devices like desktops, laptops along with tablets and there is one operating system for all this. You don’t need to have different operating systems on different devices. So it’s kind of does look like a tablet operating system at first but it fully functions and loaded with a lot of features. This is something that honestly looks a little bit strange to me. But there is one cool thing and this is actually the return of the start button.

Windows 8.1 Enterprise has a completely redesigned desktop. It has a metro user interface same like windows phones 7. So it’s basically windows phone 7 for the tablet and it looks pretty perfect. You can scroll side by side. The tiles on the home screen are the same as Windows 10 Enterprise and are really amazing. They are actually live tiles. These live tiles can change every few seconds and that looks crazy. Windows 8.1 Enterprise always deliver high performance that enhances your productivity. Another cool feature of this brand new enterprise edition is you can pinch out on the desktop and completely categorized these applications in different categories. It’s easy to use and very responsive.

In this version of Windows 8, you’ll actually be able to access windows 7’s desktop through windows 8. For this purpose, there’s going to be a dedicated windows 7 desktop in windows 8 enterprise as a live tile on the home screen. This is another pretty cool feature. The new windows store is pretty much like the Mac App Store which was announced this year by Apple. in this beast edition you’ve got a bunch of cool built-in applications.

Download Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition English 32/64 Bit Free

In windows 8.1 single language enterprise edition, here’s actually going to be two different types of applications, the Metro-style application, and the classic style windows applications. Both are fantastic depending on your choice. Moving along to some other new features, there is a brand new task manager with the windows 8.1 enterprise iso. It’s going to work on both the tablet and the computer and this is going to be similar to the old task manager so it allows you to control your processes and CPU usage.

The brand new interface looks really nice and clean also there is a brand new security lock-screen for windows 8.1 enterprise ISO download. All these great features make it more reliable, productive and user-friendly. Microsoft is going to be improving windows 8.1 enterprise now with these additional updates. You can also install windows 8.1 enterprise to Windows 10. One of the most amazing features is, the new system update is more hardware aware. That’s means is if you’re on a touch device by default, Microsoft will give you the modern UI experience.

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The other change that you’ll experience is that there’s an easy to access power button. Before the shutdown process was a little lengthy. It was probably time-consuming. The normal way you do is go to the corner, trigger your charms, go to settings and then power option. Now it’s completely simplified like the Windows 10 Lite. The contextual menu is also a new feature, you can just press right-click and get the contextual menus that give you options for these tiles. In the previous version of Windows 8.1, it was not that much classy and simple.

Microsoft is still working on merging the two interfaces together. In the prior version of windows, this modern UI experience was kind of separate world from the desktop. That issue has also been solved. It was disorienting to a lot of users. You can now change the background to match your normal desktop making it much smoother to switch between the two. The other biggest feature in windows 8.1 enterprise is just how fast everything is. Really faster than Windows 8.1 Lite Edition.

Features of Windows 8.1 Enterprise ISO Free Download

The version you’ve of windows 8 is not doing much for you want more. If you upgrade to the Enterprise edition of Windows 8 you’ll get the following features.

BitLocker Encryption: This allows you to encrypt your entire system drive with BitLocker drive encryption, encrypt USB flash drives with BitLocker To-Go, and also encrypt container files.

Remote Desktop Hosting: All editions of windows include the remote desktop client software to remote into Windows computers. However, only the enterprise edition of windows includes the remote desktop server software to host a remote desktop, server and accept incoming connections.

Group Policy: This is an advanced tool that allows you to tweak many different settings you would not normally able to change within the Windows graphical user interface. Such group policies tweaks would consist of disabling the lock screen and having windows 8.1 enterprise go straight to the login screen. This will hopefully satisfy those users who demanded to see this feature in the latest windows 8.1 enterprise edition. This tool is normally used by the system administrator to lock down PCs on large networks but you can also use it to tweak your own PC.

Windows Domain Joining: Only Computers running enterprise editions of windows are able to join a windows domain environment. Domains are used in workplaces, educational institutes and other large networks that consist of logging into a machine to access company files.

Hyper-V: It’s built-in virtualization tool that allows you to create virtual machines and install operating systems onto them like you would with virtual-box or VMware. Windows 8.1 enterprise ISO download also give a nice graphical tool for managing your virtual machines.

If you want more features try considering windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition which offers more perks, but there is no way to get those features without getting the license key from Microsoft.

Windows 8.1 Enterprise Download Technical Details

Operating System Full NameWindows 8.1 Enterprise
File Size2.8 GB (32 Bit) / 3.8 GB (64 Bit)
Architecture32bit (x86)/ 64bit (x64)
Setup TypeOffline Installer / Standalone Setup
DevelopersMicrosoft Official
Shared BySoftoLite

Win 8.1 Enterprise System Requirements

Memory (RAM)Minimum of 2 GB RAM Required
Hard-Drive Space20 GB of Free Space Required
Processor1 GHz Processor or Faster

Disclaimer – SoftoLite do not Provide any crack, patches, serial numbers or keygen for Windows 8.1 Enterprise.

Direct Download Link to Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64 Bit / 32 Bit

We provide the direct download link to win 8.1 enterprises. You can download it from the Microsoft official site as well. This is the latest version recently released by Microsoft. Share this post on social media if you find it helpful. Leave a comment in the comment box if you found any issue in the download link. Cheers!

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