Windows 8.1 Default Serial Key

12/14/2021by admin


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My Win 8.1 was an upgraded version from Win 7 PC.

Recently I encounter USB Driver problem which could not be fixed without an installation media.

I have downgraded it to Win 7.

I am considering to upgrade it back using the normal way i.e. upgrade it to Win 8 using my purchased product key and after than go to Win Store to upgrade it further to Win 8.1.

  1. When you are using Windows 8.1 and your windows do not work proper and you want repair or install new windows 8.1 but you need activation key, serial key, Product key. So it is so hard to find the latest key so do not worry you are on right site you can pic any key. We update key day by day regularly.
  2. It's no free activating of Windows 8. If you do not have a Technet/MSDN account, you have to wait to Windows 8 get in the stores 26.October, then buy a key. There is no other way to activate your Windows 8 copy.

I understand that there is a shorter way of installing Win 8.1 directly it using a generic key and activate it using Win 8 Product key by changing the ket at Control Panel.

I have contacted the MS Local Office on this issue , according to an customer relation officer, this practice is illegal.

I have read a few blog on this issue, there seems to be many activation failure.

I would like to know:

1. Is this practice legal ?


Windows 8.1 Default Wallpaper

2. How much is the chance of successful install and activate using my Win 8 product key? (is this practice 100% workable and recommended?)

Thank you

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