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12/14/2021by admin
A desperate attempt to re-make 'Back to the future'

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sajj_malik6 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
At first once i saw the movie's trailer I thought it was a great movie but soon my illusion faded away when i saw the whole thing. Cast of the movie is great. We have Aishwarya Rai and Akshay Kumar as a parents of Bunty played by Aditya Roy Kapoor. He also did a nice job but the story seems very Shallow. All those who have seen 'Back to the Future' I strictly advise them not to watch it because comparing to Robert Zemeckis Epic master piece it is very boring. The story goes like this....There is boy(Aditya)who don't want to marry because he thinks that he will end up as his parents. His girl friend's(Sudeepa Singh) grand father (Randhir Kapoor) is a scientist who have invented a time machine. Now Bunty goes to the past to mend the life of his parents and got succeeded. In this ROM-com we can easily sense a lot of over-acting. So over all my rating of the movie is 2/5.
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namashi_130 December 2010
Vipul Shah's 'Action Replayy' is an entertaining film, that worked for Me. I still wonder why were critics so harsh to this flick, and why did the audience reject it outright? Surely, an under-rated escapist fare!
'Action Replayy' is escapist cinema. The main character travels back in Time through a Time Machine, to sought things out. And even after he's done the impossible, there are a couple of sequences that make no sense.
But, non-sense fares do wonders in Cinema. Look at 'Avatar' or the hugely over-rated 'Transformers', they are absolute fiction, but they worked, and the topic ends there. 'Action Replayy' entertains, especially in the second hour, which is superb. The first hour is flawed, but surely not unbearable.
Vipul Shah's direction is good. The Writing is flawed in the initial portions, but picks-up majorly in the latter hour. Cinematography is fine. The art direction deserves a mention as well, as it truly brings back the era of the 70's.
Performance-Wise: Akshay Kumar is Fantastic. As a geek, the superstar delivers a performance that easily ranks amongst his finest works. Aishwarya Rai is very likable. Aditya Roy Kapoor is excellent. Neha Dhupia gets limited scope. Ditto for Sudeepa Singh. Om Puri, Rajpal Yadav and Kirron Kher are decent. Rannvijay Singh is least impressive.
On the whole, 'Action Replayy' surely deserves a watch, as it offers some genuinely entertaining moments, that remain with you. Thumbs Up!
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Super Duper!
axh264-119 February 2011
The creative team behind this movie have taken the Back to the Future theme and have obviously had a lot of fun making this Bollywood version - expect plenty of 70's throwbacks with quirky costumes, hairstyles and moustaches, wacky comedy ably performed by the seasoned cast, and of course this being Bollywood a decent soundtrack - there some good songs.
I cannot see why this has been slated as a 'flop' - it brims with so much fun, laughter, and wackiness of time travel! It just shows you have to make up your mind and not always follow the crowd, especially when they turn a dud of a movie like 'I hate luv stories' into a hit.
I recommend this to anyone, so go check it out!
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Worth a watch
ShyamNTK15 November 2010
Bollywood directors are experimenting in a rather harmless manner nowadays, and Action Replayy is the result of such an attempt from Vipul Shah, who entertained us with Namastey London and disappointed us with London Dreams in the previous years. However, Action Replayy is much much better than the boring London Dreams. In fact, it is entertaining and good. Moreover, the movie comes up with a pleasant surprise, Aditya Roy Kapoor. He is that type of typical bollywood guy, with his cute and innocent looks, and he is so lucky to get such a long role in such a big film. He performs equally, or even more than Akshay Kumar, in every sequence. In fact, he is the real hero of the movie. So, the movie is about a son travelling back to 1970s to set his parents' marriage alright. A lot of questions of plagiarism come along with the subject of travelling through time, but I never felt any resemblance with any other movie, this is original work, IMO. There are many flaws in the movie, but still it is enjoyable, with an interesting screenplay and good performances. Also, the songs are good, even though few of them are not properly placed. There are lot of entertaining moments throughout the film, some of them are very good. The performances are good, and Aditya Roy Kapoor is on the top amongst all. Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan are good, so as Rannvijay Singh, Om Puri, Kirron Kher, Neha Dhupia, Rajpal Yadav etc. One big letdown is the ending of the movie, the credits begin to roll up so quickly, there should have been a proper ending. May be editor's mistake!!
On the whole, it is a good movie, definitely worth a watch.
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Most under-rated comedy of 2010
DesiBaba22 December 2010
No way should this movie be rated under 6 or 7 out of 10 (it is 4 now). I think people don't get the kind of movie this is. It is meant to be light hearted comedy, don't try to find logical loopholes. For me this was the best comedy of 2010, better than Goolmal or No Problem or any other movie from earlier this year. This is a must see for all Akshay fans. I would rate it his second best comedy after Garam Masala. He is the #1 actor in Bollywood today, no one has his shown as much versatility as him in the types of roles has has portrayed over the years. Salman is close second because he still struggles with more serious, emotional type of roles. SRK or Hritik can't even come close. Don't let the low rating fool you, if you have enjoyed Akshay comedies in the past, this one will be a blast.
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Good for a laugh, but don't expect outstanding cinema
I feel that I'm being quite generous on my rating of 7/10, as I was expecting a lot from Action Replayy and it did not live up to those standards. With Akshay Kumar playing a lead role, I was expecting gut-bursting laughs, and thankfully, that has fulfilled it's promise. I found the humour to be the saving grace in the movie, and there are laughs. I would not call them gut-bursting laughs, but there were many comical moments that evolved into a hearty laugh from me. Akshay did not disappoint.
The plot is basically non-existent, and is loosely adapted from Robert Zemeckis's genius 'Back to the Future'. Sadly Action Replayy is not in the same realm in the slightest. It's sad that BTTF has to be linked to this as it is a poor adaptation of a classic movie. The lack of plot is the key factor which lets the film down. In addition, the film is quite jumpy and many important details are left unexplained, confusing the viewer.
The casting is well done, although I never would have placed Neha Dhupia in her role of Mona. I feel she has the talent capacity of a grape, and was not wrong as she was just a pretty face in the movie. Akshay was lovable and funny, and the physical transformation we see him in is hilarious. He makes a fantastic geek. Aishwarya as his love interest was an interesting choice - they have not been seen together on screen for a while and I was curious to see the outcome. She looks stunning on screen, the 1970s style and attire suits her brilliantly and she looks very much like a Hindi Film heroine from that era. Her performance was satisfactory, I enjoyed her in the role of Mala, and there's no denying she performed well, if we excuse some overacting. Rannvijay Singh as Kundanlal was irksome and brings out a lot of the comedy in the movie - he was a great villain. Rajpal Yadav as always, made me laugh. However the most striking piece of the puzzle was the newcomer Aditya Roy Kapoor as the protagonist Bunty. He's very appealing and for one of his first few films I'd say he did a good job. There were points where I found him quite irritating but it was more the fault of the poor screenplay and lack of storyline. Bunty screaming 'Woo Hoo!' at seeing his parents fall in love, made me cringe immensely, but I hold this more to the script and not him. Kirron Kher and Om Puri are wasted, but as usual play their parts par excellence as expected. And there is even another fresh face playing Bunty's love interest Tanya.
I loathed the 'time machine' scenes because they were done with about the effort of a five-year old. We were told the bare minimum about the time machine and the CGI-travelling-through-time sequence is terrible. I also found the music less catchy than what I expected, and some of the lyrics are terrible - 'all my ladies and my mans, and my mans and all my ladies!' - there were very few good quality musical bits.
Action Replayy is a flawed film, with it's plot (or lack of) being the main letdown, but I still wouldn't say this film is not worth watching. As much as I didn't want to, I did find the humour amusing and there are definitely laughable moments in the film. Action Replayy is more lighthearted than anything, and should be seen with an open mind and low expectations. This is good for a lazy evening in, but don't watch this expecting a great cinematic experience, because it's not that sort of film. If you're looking for an easy laugh, however, this could be it.
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An Okay Movie to watch!
mksandhu5220 November 2010
I was hoping for a lot more when i first saw the trailers and promos. But i was wrong. The movie was alright, nothing great.
Akshay Kumar was very good as always, he is always 1st class in a comic role.
Aishwarya Rai B was looking amazing in all the 60s costumes and hair, acting was very good from her too.
But the film overall was not worth it, i mean it is worth watching once and they should be for the great performance from both Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai B.
Music was decent, nothing great.
My review on Action Replayy: 5/10
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Super Full Too Fun Time Pass Movie
avinash-vyas21 December 2010
The phrase 'Dimaag side mein rakh ke dekh' fits perfectly here. I started watching this movie without little to no expectations. Probably just for the song 'Zor ka Zhatka'... but as the movie started unfolding... it started adding fun, comedy, nice one liners and super acting by everybody...
whoever watched movie with great expectations thinking it will be a next big sci-fi hit, they were either sleepy heads or crazy in mind... guys some movies are made for light heart comedies.. if you are so much looking for a sci-fi go check out all the big Hollywood movies..
bloody all angrez...
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Hilarious! a delight for Akki lovers
nisham998 February 2011
I loved this movie.Although the concept of the time machine may not have been digested by many viewers i thought it was unique. Akshaykumar's acting was par excellence with hiilarious look and funny style of walking. The songs were good especially zor ka jhatka and bekhabar. However, the editing could have been better. Unfortunately, i have noticed that movies like chandni chowk and action repplay had bad editing. Akshay kumaris truly a great actor who is not only versatile but also can handle comedy scenes with ease. It is not easy for an actor to undermine his looks for amovie and he has done well. I enjoyed the movie and i watched it twice. It is a real treat for all Akki fans out there.
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Decent film although it falls below expectations
AishFan10 November 2010
Action Replayy wasn't all that bad a film. A few laughs here, a few tears there--but it definitely wasn't a 'Diwali Dhamaka' as we were all hoping it to be. Aishwarya finally gets into a glamorous avatar in Bollywood in so many years after Dhoom 2, and she is looking stunning. The actor playing the protagonist did a good job, but I think it would have been better and more interesting if a more established star had his role in a film that is on such a grand scale with such huge stars. After being bedazzled by a previous Diwali blockbuster, Om Shanti Om, which also has a major portion of the film taking place 1970s/80s and done masterfully by Farah Khan, Action Replayy just doesn't match up. The depiction of that retro era seems too tacky, forced, and stereotypical.
Even if we overlook these weaknesses, the main drawback of the film is its script. The story is very elementary, it's not gripping at all, the comedy is very weak and just evokes a few chuckles, and the experience is not at all memorable. Also, regarding the lip-syncing trick in the movie, isn't it obvious that the guy lip-syncing is not singing? Music is good. The best tracks are Zor Ka Jhatka and Nakhre.
While the first half is quite a drag, the second half just about makes up for it. The last few scenes are really nice.
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Awesome comedy, great script and good songs
adilmahsan17 November 2010
I don't get why this movie was panned by critics. Anyone with a sense of humor can appreciate how funny this movie is. It has a very good script, supported by great acting by Akshay Kumar and a good performance by Aishwarya Rai. The songs were really good, i especially loved the song dedicated to the couple and the sing-off.
Akshay Kumar has come a long was as an actor. His comic timing matches the very best and he can make you laugh with pretty much any dialog. The combination of his comic timing and the great script makes this film hilarious.
All in all, i'd say this was the most entertaining movie to come out this year. A definite must-watch for anyone looking for a light and absurd comedy.
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Great movie for Akshay Kumar after long time
anikgupta187 November 2010
The movie is completely great with combination of songs, music, sensible comedy, smart romance and drama. Akshay and Ash have stole the show in this movie. People were expecting Akshay to do some different roles but this movie is recommended for that in different genre of comedy. However, it is comedy but not trash comedy movies like Kambakht Ishq or Chandni Chowk to China. Akshay has done superb acting since Bhool Bhulaiya and Ashwariya Rai has got amazing role after long time. Thanks to Vipul Shah. This movie has superb direction, proper movie story and great 1970s look. Out of 2 movies Golmaal 3 and Action Replayy, Action Replayy is the best. Highly recommended for those who want to see Family entertainment, great music, sensible comedy not loud comedy, and romance drama. Great job by Vipul Shah, Akshay Kumar, Ashwariya Rai and Aditya Roy Kapoor.
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Bad remake of 'back to the future' trilogy.
bhanotttk1 November 2018
This movie lacks seriousness. Everything is just so childish.
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Back to the future
silvan-desouza20 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Akshay's career had blossomed in 2005 when his comedy got noticed but post 2008 his career started going downhill with flops and flops and his comedy getting repetitive, Housefull was a hit but Khatta Meetha was average while Action Replay bombed. The film had a novel concept of time travel which is new for bollywood or less seen in Hindi films hence the film was hyped but sadly it falters In fact the writers take the audience for granted, One fails to understand how the time travel will change present things? Also several scenes are too childish and bizarre and get irritating
Direction by Vipul Shah is bad,however his imagination should be applauded Music is okay, Jor Ka Jhatka was famous those days but the songs do interrupt, Camera-work is fab, the 70s era is well recreated
Akshay Kumar tries to look the part and does justice, he is superb as the bucket teeth simpleton and also later as the stylish guy Aishwarya Rai tends to overdo it Aditya Roy Kapoor who debutted in London Dreams got an imp role and does a good job Om Puri,Kirron Kher are given half baked roles, Rajpal Yadav is wasted, Ranvijay Singh fails, Neha Dhupia is average, Randhir Kapoor is okay
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best movie of 2010 year
deepesh_puri8 November 2010
When i saw the trailer of ACTION REPLAYY and Golmaal 3 , ACTION REPLAYY promo looks better than Golmaal 3 promo. But when i saw the movie what i think its Akshay Kumar one of best performance. i really loved the movie and i think that Aditya Roy Kapoor acting is better than Ranbir Kapoor and he is the future best actor. ACTION REPLAYY is better than Dabangg , Rajneeti , Housefull , Khatta Meetha , Once Upon a Time in Mubai and Golmaal 3.
I will give this movie 10 out of 10. This movie is best movie of 2010 year so far. ACTION REPLAYY looks 100 times better than Golmaal 3.
And the guys from Bollywood Hungama and other movie rating company been recess to Aksahy Kumar because they gave this movie really low rating but on Facebook and other social networking sites peoples are swearing on guys from movie rating companies because this movie has to be 4.5 out 5 because they say its best movie of 2010 year so far and this movies got really good good comments on social networking websites.
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A Nutshell Review: Action Replayy
The film by Vipul Amrutlal Shah, based on the 1994 Gujarati play Action Replay, reminds you of Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future, only that the narrative isn't as tightly woven, and the time travel element and danger kept to a bare minimum, other than being a plot device to bring Bunty (Aditiya Roy Kapoor) back to March 1975 before his parents Kishen aka Kitchen Kumar the hotel restaurateur (Akshay Kumar) and Mala (Ash) got married. They had spent the last 33 years in a never-ending bicker, putting up false pretences at times, while at other times just let it rip in public or in front of their restaurant employees. This culminates in their wedding anniversary celebrations, where a decision is made to go their separate ways. Not wanting that to happen, Bunty conveniently hijacks a time machine belonging to his girlfriend's uncle, who just so happens to be a scientist, believing that if his parent's arranged marriage was instead a love marriage, things will turn out a lot better.
The main gist centers on the virtues of a love marriage, which is still something of a taboo back in those days, where arranged marriages were the norm. Some will argue of course that you'll grow to love someone when things get arranged, but in this case, it reflects on what if the marriage turned out to be sour from the start? And as Bunty soon finds out, the characters of his parents cannot be at more odds with each other, his dad being the cowardly bucktoothed teenager who gets frequently bullied by his Dad (Om Puri) and peers, including that of Mala, who's a headstrong, bold tomboy lacking feminine grace, exuding a steely exterior and up to her fair share of shenanigans with her gang that includes Kundan (Rannvijay Singh) whose affections for her will be one of the major obstacles Bunty and Kishen have to overcome.
It is manipulation of the first order, where the first half deals with how Bunty creates desire between the two enemies, trying to turn them into lovebirds. But here's where the story fails big time, tackling this in rather choppy instances with large plot gaps forgotten to be filled out, especially how Bunty becomes major chums with both his dad and mum (and his grandparents for that matter as well) despite literally appearing out of nowhere. While I understand a song and dance had taken care of this, I still felt it was rather hastily done just to get that cumbersome development out of the way. And hasty is probably the word most apt in putting aside logistics such as clothing and money, in how a boy from the 21st century doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, and conveniently too goes back to the future in what turned out to be yet a hasty wrap up of the film that does the emotional core of Bunty great disservice in his about turn and attitudes toward marriage.
Thankfully things start to pick up in the second half where the Kishen undergoes a major exterior makeover to woo the girl of his manipulated dreams, and becomes that suave lady killer, although always shaking on the inside once his game is over, which lead to numerous opportunities for mirth which does get tired after a while, despite great comedic timing by Akshay Kumar, spouting what I suspect would probably be a popular catch phrase amongst the younger crowd when they emerge from the theatres. The plot after the interval will probably irk feminists out there, as it suggests that girls get easily taken over by those with the bad boy image, and who will fall for the many manipulative games the guys play on them. There never was a real threat experienced in a way despite competition from Kundan who can sing in two voices, because the time travel paradox doesn't seem to kick in on Bunty each time Kishen and Mala seem to drift emotionally further apart which would have threatened his existence.
Action Replayy marks the reigning Queen of Bollywood's third release (out of four) this year with the likes of Raavan starring opposite her real life husband and Endhiran with Superstar Rajnikanth, and her role here is quite unlike those that I've seen before, since her Mala is mostly displaying negative traits at least for the beginning of the film, before succumbing back to a vulnerable, wistful lass who thinks Kishen does not like her for her meanness displayed earlier. I thought she had lighten up the film thanks to a refreshing portrayal of a spoilt and bratty teenager who doesn't tolerate nonsense from her peers, but dishes some of her own on unsuspecting, weaker folks like Kishen.
As with most Indian films, the song and dance numbers are perhaps what saved the film from becoming a bore. Retro is in, as seen from the success of Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, and this factor cannot be ignored as the filmmakers here have recreated costumes and sets reminisce of the time, aided by special effects to recreate the landscapes from the past. But if you were to treat this as a time travel film, then the paradoxes here are just tremendous to be ignored. So the best bet to enjoy this is to accept the plot device for what it is, and to marvel at the performances of the stars and the beautiful retro look and feel instead. I wished the story could have been more coherently delivered though, and the English subtitles should have been more in sync for the first 20 minutes.
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A small review abut this big film
nischayrout11 November 2010
After watching loads of good, bad and ugly movies, I always think to write reviews on them. Well I am starting with this film'Action Replayy'
The moment I watched the trailer of this film, I instantly knew that it must be a bad rip off from Robert Zememkis' 1985 film, 'Back to the Future'. But I still had a nano hope because of Vipul Shah. I was totally wrong, hope to watch a good Hindi film is still a hope here. That's why nobody recognizes Indian cinema.
The story is about Siddharth Roy Kapoor, who is playing Akshay Kumar's son, is going back in 70's to change his parent's bad relationship in a small time machine (Again that machine is a pirated version of Simon Well's 'The Time Machine'). In the past he has to do a major make over of his father so that his urban chic mother, playing by Aishwarya Roy will marry him. There again he meets baddie Ranvijay, who also has love interest towards Aishwarya. Now Siddharth's job is to reunite his parent as well as create some love and caring towards each other otherwise he won't be born in future.
First of all let me tell about the story, screenplay and dialogs. 'Action Replayy' has more plot holes than Mumbai's potholes. Songs are more frequent than local trains. There are no humors, and dialogs are unusually flat. I will blame Mr Vipul Shah for this movie and spending so much money without reading the script.
After doing loads of bad films, with Action Replayy', Akshay Kumar again proved that he is still the king of bad films. With same acting style, same devil like laugh and same comedies, Akshay has still maintained his (bad) continuity. Aishwarya looks stunning with her 70's look. Her acting is good. Siddharth has to learn about acting. Neha Dhupia is wasted and Ranvijay is promising.
If you are planning to watch this for fun then go with your own super risk. But I will recommend you watch 'Back to the Future' to get some real fun ride.
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painful to watch!!
I don't know why Akshay Kumar is still making comedy movies. The worse part is that they are very predictable, and the ideas are stolen from Hollywood movies!! His comedy movies are just not funny!!!! The story line is weak, poor acting specially Aishwarya Rai which made me very disappointed. And what's with the bad spelling with the title? and the other thing which made me laugh (they didn't intend to make the viewer laugh) is the bad spelling in one song, just to make ladies rhyme with men they made it 'MANS'! His movies are really getting low in quality. As a fan of Akshay I wish he would raise the bar of his target viewer. In conclusion this movie will remain a scar in Bollywood movies record, don't watch it.

I Forgot My Action Replay Serial Key Free

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Worst movie ever
vaseemahmed249 December 2010
Well please don waste ur much time. If u really wanna taste headache then u can go ahead.
The story line is worst. And its so dumb that where its not even 1% realistic. Where akshay's son goes back to 30yrs back & makes their parents fall in love.
Akshay acting(AWFUL), Aishwarya (over acting), Aditya Roy Kapoor (he gotta know the meanin of acting first).
Please skip this stupid movie & don't even think of even watching it even in DVD at home.
This is most ever FLOP & third class movie which has no sense.
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Truly an awful movie...a crap of 2 hr n 15 min...A MUST NOT WATCH
pawanendra-singh24 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is complete waste of Time & Money...A movie going nowhere .... well actually i don't blame the cast .....it is wholly the writer ,d screen play n director who r to be blamed...not a sci-fi at all...i can see why Indian cinema is going nowhere..though there r very good movies too...but that too thousand in one... The real fun element is that how badly its all made up..total mess. Remind u its all from the master piece Robert Zemeckis 'back to the future' trilogy..though it tells u in the beginning it is based on some authors play 'action replayy'.. but u all may conceive that the play was based on the Back to the Future.. well now ..this movie have on stage a young man named bunty who hates to marry his girlfriend ...coz he will end up like his parents.But at one point of time ...his parents are about to break up..this is when the boy decides to go back to the past using time machine invented by his girlfriend's uncle to revive his mother n father relationship making them fall in love with each other from the beginning as this would reflect in the future..the boy succeeds after a lot of hit n trial method..hard though so i tell u the plot is complete crap...'A MUST NOT WATCH' If u feel like having real fun then u must see back to the future if u haven't watched it yet..n u r fond of sci-fi.It will tell u what a real sci-fi is... I tried watching Action Replayy for about 30 min..den thought that it may turn out some good at d end...den i continued watching it till the end resulting in total loss of my worthwhile 2hr n 15 min ...plus felt like a loser like akshay kumar in the movie coz of watching it. oh i forgot to tell u guys one thing ....the comedy n fun is truly awful..it is so pathetic...i didn't laugh even once ...
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ganeshkss975 April 2011
The Diwali of 2010 witnessed two movies Action Replayy and Golmaal 3. Action Replayy,directed by Vipul Shah is a bland remake of Back To The Future. Action Replayy tries very hard to entertain but unfortunately it fails big time.Main reason is its dull script.The Om Puri and Kirron Kher saga is so boring.Instead of being comedy it ends up being tragedy. I feel very sad for Mr Aditya Raj Kapoor,he is such a good actor wonders what he saw in this monotonous script. We have even the Roadies fame Rannvijay.He is the baddie who can sing in both male and female voice?Funny,right? The music is purely third grade. Performance wise-Akshay Kumar,its high time you leave comedy genre in Bollywood and start doing some action movies.Aishwarya Rai,for the first time looks and acts bad.Aditya is the saving grace.Neha Dhupia,Rndhir Kapoor,Om Puri,Kirron Kher and Rajpal Yadav are wasted.Rannvijay Singh is stupid.
Overall Action Replayy is tacky.Bad
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pplz GOD replayy the time i watched this movie
mustafa-saify15 November 2010
i went to watch this movie with great expectation because i am very fond of sci fictions and watched BACK TO FUTURE so was keen to watch Hindi version of it.. but all expectations were shattered because 1) its not a sci fiction at all 2) its no where near to 'BACK TO FUTURE'
the plot is complete mess. no story at all random jumps from here to there. screenplay was even worse. though it had few good punches in between but it fails to give u good feeling about of movie overall. it was desperate attempt to bring back the fashion of golden 70's on screen. And it was the only motive of the movie(as i mentioned no story at all). As it was considered the era where the designer used to play with colors. so fashion designer tried that leads should wear all types of stupid colored dresses( which i think even in 70's no one used to wear that). everything about clothing was cheap!!! except Aishwarya in Saree in one or two songs. The next irritating thing was akshay kumar with his old repetitive style of acting(comedy which doesn't make you laugh now). i am really disappointed by him he being doing same thing from past two years and direct consequences are failure at box office.
Aishwarya full of over acting. The only good thing about the movie was the new actor aditya kumar roy. he is screen presence and spontaneousness is quite impressive. he really made his mark with his debut (though it was a wrong one).
and the one thing i noticed that in starting why every oldie was looking black(as if they haven't washed their face from years). GOD bless director's thinking. overall this is sub standard movie with superstars.. every thing is really bad to watch. i wasted 200 rs on this rubbish stuff.. my suggestion would be say your money and more importantly 2and1/2 hours.
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Even the repeat telecast of Akshay's MASTER CHEF on TV is more entertaining than this tacky rip-off.
Akshay Kumar and Vipul Shah returning together with a time travel comedy on the Big Diwali weekend sounded great and exciting for every Bollywood fan. But sadly, once again the HIT machine fails to deliver and the actor ditches his every die-hard admirer with a simply awful movie which keeps hanging between different genres of Fiction, Adventure, Comedy and Science Fiction. In fact ACTION REPLAYY forced me to think that whether Akshay ever watches the rushes of the movies he is working in and discusses the product in the making with his director? The thought came to my mind because after consistently giving weak and bad movies in the past, Akshay repeatedly commits the same mistake again and returns with a thoroughly unlikable film which is even less entertaining than his miserable duds, Chandni Chowk to China and Blue.
First of all, nobody can say that it's an Original Story Plot as the writers take all their inputs from the Classic English Trilogy 'BACK TO THE FUTURE (Part I-III)' and they cannot deny it in any way. And further talking about this inspirational angle, ACTION REPLAYY can be easily rated as 'One of the most destructive rip-offs or inspired movies made in the history of Indian Cinema'. The statement will be more clear and meaningful for the viewers who have actually watched the Original English Classics and still remember them. In straight words ACTION REPLAYY brutally murders the interesting plot taken from BTTF and completely ruins the idea with a highly amateurish, silly and boring kind of product which stands not even close to the 'B' of BACK TO THE FUTURE Series.
Frankly speaking, How can you seriously enjoy a movie made on the Time- Travel subject in which the director does not even care to explain you anything about the concept and only shows a professor and his weird machine which can take you back to the past years just like a Local BEST or DTC Bus going towards your home street. Moreover, the boy moving back to the past (in the year 1975), easily goes there, makes some changes and then returns back, just to find everything in the present changed as per his own requirements. That was really the most silly thought put in by the writers with a very poor visual imagination and creativity.
Although made with good production values and eye-catching colourful backgrounds ACTION REPLAYY fails to make an impression mainly because it is neither a good science fiction nor a fine emotional drama. And more importantly, it is quite far from being called a COMEDY since there is not even one good scene which can make you laugh as you did in some of Akshay's earlier famous comedy classics. The writing is bad, the characterization is poor and the acting is pretty loud at most of the places by all the prominent actors. Akshay is not at all funny and also looks quite weird in his 70s getup. Aishwarya does look beautiful in those well worked upon dresses but on the entertainment quotient the entire cast performs over the top and fails miserably. Particular the individual tracks of Rannvijay Singh, Om Puri and Kiron Kher are all below the standards. Randhir Kapoor, Neha Dhupia and Rajpal Yadav are hardly there on the screen and get wasted. Only Aditya Roy Kapur as the time travelling son of Akshay and Aishwarya leaves an impact and the boy would certainly get more work after this, that's for sure.
Pritam as the music-man once again remixes some old hit punjabi phrases in 'Zor Ka Jhatka' and also gets his inspiration from a 'Bombay Rockers' Song. He certainly knows something about the art of getting inspired and yet keep on going without any fear. However I felt the background music by Salim-Sulaiman more enjoyable than the entire musical soundtrack.
Overall, ACTION REPLAYY is a bad attempt made on the subject of time travel with a small pinch of love. In fact it's a patch on the films made on the similar plots. It has simply got no entertainment value as such and fails to keep you hooked in right from its starting reels. But the point here to be noted is that what BACK TO THE FUTURE does to you in just 90 minutes, ACTION REPLAYY is not able to give you even 10% of it in its more than 2 hours of duration. So we should seriously study this difference, in order to come up with at least 50% of the Original Inspiring movies with some added Indian touches. At times Bollywood has delivered equivalent or even better remakes like 'Ek Ruka Hua Faisla' or 'Chhoti Si Baat'. But ACTION REPLAYY remains one of the most under- worked and lifeless inspired movies of the current times.
In short, even the repeat telecast of Akshay's MASTER CHEF T.V. Serial will entertain you more than this tacky rip off. And I think the statement says it all.
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shasika-sewvandi14 October 2018
A story about a son who go back in time to create love between his parents. Great story with a good cast.
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neatly copied n cheaply made
imvixy128 June 2011
going back in time and making some amusing correction is obviously an brilliant idea to make audience thrilled n surprised but here in the case of star studded ACTION REPLAY, this bolywood work is very far from achieving this agenda to make audience surprised.
even the idea itself is generously copied from Spielberg's stable 'BACK TO THE FUTURE'
making of the cinema is very cheap and unnecessarily rich in color nd tones. its never looking like 70's days.
art direction is too much crafty
music has no direct relation with the movie's objective.
in short, its again a bolywood biggies congress to make audience wasting their TIME n some good bucks...
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