How To Change Windows 7 Serial Key

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If you're preparing to reinstall Windows 7 you will need to locate your unique Windows 7 product key, also sometimes called the Windows 7 serial key, activation key, or CD key.

  1. How To Change Windows 7 Serial Number
  2. How To Change Windows 7 Serial Key
  3. How To Change Windows 10 Product Key

Normally, this product key is on a sticker on your computer or located with the manual or on the disc sleeve that came with Windows 7. However, if you don't have a physical copy of your product key, that doesn't mean it's gone forever.

How to Change a Disk Serial Number by Paul Molina. Whenever your Windows OS formats a hard disk drive, it assigns a new generated serial number to the drive. This serial number, as opposed to the hardware serial number the disk drive was manufactured with, is used by software applications to identify the drive and is sometimes used prevent. How to Change Windows 7 Product Key (Serial key) - posted in Windows 7: Is there any way to chage your windows 7 Product key and get the new key (different than the original one). Although this guide is specific to Windows 10, the Control Panel, slui.exe, and slmgr.vbs methods that we're showing you here will work to change the product key on Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. Product Key Number - Change. Changing product/serial number on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Hi all, New here, I hope that this is the right place for this. How to Change the Product Key Number in Windows 7 This will show you how to change the product key number in Windows 7 so that you can use another product key number to activate your Windows 7 with instead.

Fortunately, a copy of your Windows 7 key is stored in the registry. It's encrypted, meaning it's not easily readable, but there are several free programs that can help fix that problem in less than 15 minutes.


Confused? Check out our Windows Product Keys FAQ for more information about product keys and how they work in Windows.

The manual techniques used to locate the product key for older versions of Windows won't work in Windows 7. Those manual procedures will only locate the product ID number for Windows 7, not the actual product key used for installation. So if you've done this kind of thing before in Windows XP or Vista, you'll need to instead use the process outlined below.

Follow the steps below to locate your Windows 7 product key code:

How to Find Your Windows 7 Product Key

  1. Manually locating the Windows 7 product key from the registry is nearly impossible due to the fact that it's encrypted so you'll need to use a product key finder program to extract it.

    Choose a free product key finder program from this list that supports Windows 7.

    Any product key finder that locates Windows 7 product keys will locate the product keys for any version of Windows 7: Ultimate, Enterprise, Professional, Home Premium, Home Basic, and Starter.

  2. Download and run the key finder program. Follow any instructions provided by the software.

  3. The numbers and letters displayed by the program represent the Windows 7 product key.

    To be clear, thta's five sets of five letters and numbers.

  4. Write this key code down exactly as the program displays it to you. Most keyfinder tools let you export the key to a text file or copy it to the clipboard.

    If even one character is written down incorrectly, the installation of Windows 7 that you attempt with this product key will fail. Be sure to transcribe the key exactly!

  5. You can now reinstalling Windows 7 using that product key!

A Few More Options

How To Change Windows 7 Serial Number

If you need to install the Windows 7 operating system but you still can't find your Windows 7 product key, even with a product key finder, you have two choices:

How To Change Windows 7 Serial Key

The first thing to try would be to request a replacement product key from Microsoft, which should cost you around $10 USD. This doesn't always work out, but it's worth a shot.

How To Change Windows 10 Product Key

If that doesn't get you anywhere, you're left with purchasing a brand new copy of Windows 7 from NewEgg, or some other retailer.

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